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Is this a test or specification?

February 26, 2008, No Comments

I wonder what you’d call this. Would you say this is a test? Or would you say this is specification? Please explain in the comments and/or take the poll.

Story: User creates account

	As a user
	I want to create an account
	So I can add feeds and create new ones

	Scenario: Successful signup

	Given a username 'jack'
	And a password 'test'
	And a password confirmation 'test'
	And an email ''

	When user wants to create a new account

	Then a new email is sent to ''
	And it contains an activation code
	And it contains username and password
	And user isn't able to log in

	When user clicks on activation code

	Then user is able to log in
	And receives an email with the sign-up notification

So what do you think: Is this a test? Is this a specification? Both? None?

Let me know what you think in the comments.