Observations on why we get paid (’Why we get paid’-Series)

October 20, 2007

Here are some observations on why we get paid.

From a Development Company’s perspective:

  • Making A smaller increases the number of projects that make economical sense
  • Making B bigger means giving the customer a competitive advantage
  • Making B bigger is what Software Development companies generally don’t care about
  • New technology has to either make A smaller or B bigger or both.

From a Customers perspecive:

  • Trying to make A smaller is what outsourcing is about
  • B is harder to quantify than A. And A is already very hard to quantify.
  • Customers don’t spend enough time quantifying B.
  • Optimizing A doesn’t make sense if you sacrifice B

Do you see any others? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Posted by Jerome Mueller

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